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Onboarding and Setup

BioSleeve and Digital Mirror Quick Start


Watch a short video on how to get started or follow the step-by-step guide below.

How to Get Started with the BioSleeve

1. Download the Digital Mirror App on your iPad by clicking on the link provided by Cipher Skin.

2. To complete the download, follow the instructions given on the TestFlight page.

How to put on the BioSleeve

  1. Find the seam on your BioSleeve
  2. Rotate your BioSleeve so that the seam is facing up
  3. Find the larger opening of the BioSleeve
  4. Insert your arm into the larger opening of the BioSleeve so that the seam will run along the middle of the inside of the arm, along the wrist, the inner portion of the elbow, and the bicep.
  5. Pull the BioSleeve until the tip of your elbow is aligned with the center of the elbow cup on the inside of the BioSleeve


How to connect the Digital Mirror to the BioSleeve

  1. If this is your first time using the Digital Mirror, an iOS notification will request permission to use Bluetooth. Select “OK.” In addition, a Bluetooth-pairing request will prompt you to “Pair” or “Cancel” the new device “1A2B.” Select “Pair.” When connecting both sleeves, be sure to pair both devices.
  2. Sign in to your Digital Mirror account.
  3. Select “Connect” from the hamburger menu (three horizonal lines) on the top right.
  4. Next, select “Scan” to search for nearby devices.
  5. Look at the wrists of each of your BioSleeves to find the 4-digit alphanumeric serial number on each sleeve. This number will coincide with the 4-digit number listed that you will see on the Digital Mirror.

    1. For example, the alphanumeric code printed on the wrist of the right sleeve
      may have the code “1A2B,” and the wrist of your left sleeve may have
      3C4Dprinted. The alphanumeric codes you see listed on the screen of
      the Digital Mirror will appear as “1A2B” (right arm sleeve) and 3C4D
      (left arm sleeve). Both will be listed in yellow on the screen of the Digital Mirror.
      This means that the Digital Mirror has identified both of your sleeves.
  6. Tap one alphanumeric (1A2B) code at a time. When you have selected the first code, you will see a “+” symbol appear. Select “Connect” to connect the sleeve. 

  7. When the sleeve is connected, the alphanumeric code, starting with the prefix of BGX, will turn from yellow to green, letting you know that the sleeve is connected.

  8. Repeat this process with the second sleeve.

  9. When both alphanumeric codes are green, you have successfully connected your BioSleeves. 

  10. At this point, you should be able to see your Cipher Skin avatar! Your avatar will follow your every motion as long as you are in front of the Digital Mirror. The next step is to assign the BioSleeves to the arms of your avatar. 

How to assign the BioSleeve to an arm or knee

  1. Once your BioSleeves are connected to the Digital Mirror, a menu will display with a list of joints on the body.
  2. Assume a standing position. You will first assign the right BioSleeve to your right arm.
  3. Match the numeric code printed on your right wrist with the same code in green listed on the screen and select it.
  4. You will see a menu displaying a list of right and left elbows and right and left knees. Select “Right Elbow”
  5. You will see a notification on the screen instructing you to “Assign Right Elbow” followed by instructions to copy the motions of the avatar.
  6. Next, you will complete certain movements to calibrate the BioSleeve with the Digital Mirror.
  7. Hold your right arm at your side. Face your palm toward your thigh with your fingers straight and pointed down toward the ground.
  8. When prompted, lift your right arm directly in front (keeping your arm straight) until your arm is positioned at a 90-degree angle from your body with your palm facing toward your left.
  9. You will see a notification letting you know that your BioSleeve is now assigned to your right arm. When you move your arm, your avatar’s arm will copy its movements.
  10. Now assign your left BioSleeve to your left arm by repeating steps 4 through 9. 

  11. When your avatar is mirroring the movements of your left arm, select “Done”

If the avatar does not mirror the motion of either arm, reassign the BioSleeve(s) by repeating the steps above.


Connecting the BioSleeve

The BioSleeve name appears in yellow, but is not turning green

  1. Is your sleeve within range? Try moving your sleeve closer to your iPad.
  2. Try pressing “Disconnect” and select “Scan” again.
  3. If you have tried both of the above solutions, place your BioSleeve on the wireless charger and continue charging. Select “Disconnect” and “Scan” again.

More BioSleeve names are showing up than the ones needed

  1. Select the name of your BioSleeve
  2. This should not impact the BioSleeve performance. Disregard other BioSleeve names.

The BioSleeve name is not showing up at all

  1. Press ‘Disconnect”. Then select “Scan” again.
  2. Once you have tried disconnecting and scanning again, try removing the battery of your BioSleeve and putting it back in to restart your BioSleeve. Select “Disconnect” and “Scan” again.


I keep getting a “BioSleeve not found” message

  1. Make sure you are standing as still as possible in the base position and raised position.
  2. Try disconnecting your BioSleeve, scanning, connecting, and start the assignment process again.

The BioSleeve can be assigned, but the Digital Mirror avatar appears incorrect

  1. Make sure the BioSleeve is being worn correctly. (How to put your BioSleeve on)
  2. Make sure you are selecting and moving the correct limb.
  3. Try disconnecting your BioSleeve, scanning, connecting, and starting the assigning process again.

Mirror View

The avatar is not displaying my movements correctly

  1. The BioSleeve will work if you walk forward, backward, to the left, or to the right after calibration. Do not spin or change the direction you are facing.
  2. Try disconnecting your sleeve, connecting, and assigning it to a limb again

The reported metrics are incorrect on the Mirror View screen

  1. The BioSleeve will work if you walk forward, backward, to the left, or to the right after calibration. Do not spin or change the direction you are facing.
  2. Try re-aligning your BioSleeve.
  3. Try disconnecting your BioSleeve, connecting, and assigning it to a limb again.

Range of Motion (ROM) Tests

I’m not seeing any results when I use a Range of Motion Test

  1. Make sure the protocol you are using is the program you intend.
  2. Make sure to begin movement for measuring as soon as the prompt indicates.
  3. Try re-aligning your BioSleeve.
  4. Try disconnecting your BioSleeve, connecting, and assigning it to a limb again.


Where are my files saved?

  1. View any recorded session by selecting “Mode Record” (white camera) at the top left of the screen, and then “Replay” Mode. Be sure the intended User Profile is selected. Then, select your Trial Data session from the drop-down options and select “Load.”
  2. The recordings are also stored in a raw format locally on your iPad. View the iOS Files app on your iPad.

Why are my files not showing up?

  1. Make sure you are selecting the intended User Profile before recording.
  2. If you continue to have issues with this feature, please contact or fill out the form.
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