Run the Show Your Way.
Virtual, In-Person, or Both.

The Hybrid Therapy Promise

Cipher Skin frees you from the unavoidable choice between virtual and in-person therapy by delivering a hybrid solution to physical rehabilitation. High-quality care is objective, flexible, and engaging and that is exactly what our hybrid therapy platform offers.


Our advanced sensor technology captures ROM and biometric data and translates it into instant, actionable insights so you can evaluate the patient’s condition, build their treatment plan, and monitor their progress over time.


From supporting in-person sessions to remote therapy and everything in between, Cipher Skin allows you to customize treatment plans and track patients' overall health and adherence, ensuring efficient and effective therapy.


Double down on patient loyalty and benefit from higher adherence rates. With interactive exercises, live movement visualization, and easy-to-read dashboards, Cipher Skin allows patients to become invested in their own recovery.

A Patient-Centric MSK Monitoring Platform

The BioSleeve®

Upper and Lower extremity smart sleeves with a network of interconnected sensors capturing motion and biometrics in real-time and providing instant analysis and insights.

Available datapoints:

  • ROM: Flexion, Extension, Adduction, Abduction, Rotation
  • Biometrics: Heart Rate, O2 Saturation, Skin Temperature

The BioCore®

A chest motion sensor supported by a lightweight elastic strip that measures the tilt and rotation of the torso and works in concert with the BioSleeves to position the body in space, enabling dynamic motion.

The recovery app displays a striking 3D visualization of the body as it moves in real time so you can simultaneously view, track, and measure both motion and key performance biometrics during and in between sessions. The app also features digital ROM assessments, interactive exercises, automatic reports and progress charts, in addition to customizable home exercise programs and expanded remote therapy capabilities. Patient data and reports can be sent to your EMR or downloaded at any time.

Powerful Technology, Great Benefits

Continuous motion and biometrics tracking and analysis

Flexibility to support in-clinic and virtual therapy sessions

Higher patient engagement and therapy adherence

Faster ROM tests with automatic data capture and reporting

Remote therapeutic monitoring capabilities

Increased revenue and ability to bill under multiple CPT codes

Reduced admin workload and EMR integration

Large library of exercises and customizable HEP

Better therapy outcomes and safer patient recovery

Maximizing Revenue While Delivering Better Care

Cipher Skin’s testing, automatic reporting, and time-saving functions are designed to increase revenue. Providers who use Cipher Skin are billing for difficult codes, getting higher claim-approval rates, and most importantly, are ethically billing higher numbers of codes in less time.

What Providers Are Saying

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