Raise Your Expectations.
Our MSK Monitoring Platform is Changing the Game.

Don’t compromise care quality and patient engagement with digital-only solutions. Cipher Skin’s hybrid MSK monitoring platform help providers deliver personalized, data-driven care while reducing MSK injury rates, improving recovery outcomes, and limiting unnecessary medical interventions. Our promise is to lower costs while improving outcomes.

Why Partner with Cipher Skin?

Injury Prevention

Cipher Skin allows providers to deploy multiple preventative management techniques to high-risk patients – Including identifying a baseline for the patient’s pre-injury ROM functionality and improving their balance and muscle strength through a large library of interactive exercises.

Optimized Recovery

Cipher Skin’s timely insights and continuous feed of patient data, during and in-between sessions, allow providers to adjust and optimize treatment plans to deliver data-driven and patient-centered care.

Reduced Costs

In addition to reducing the administrative costs for clinics with digital testing and reporting capabilities, Cipher Skin's connected care platform enables effective and efficient recovery - driving higher rates of complete recovery and lowering surgeries, imaging, and readmission costs.

Embrace Hybrid, Connected Recovery

We believe in the power of the therapist-patient relationship and how it impacts treatment outcomes. We also believe that recovery doesn’t stop at the walls of the clinic, but it goes beyond to every aspect of the patient’s daily life. For these reasons, Cipher Skin introduced the first hybrid MSK recovery platform to empower providers with a flexible set of tools to deploy in clinical sessions, remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM), and virtual therapy.

Providers See the Value. Patients Experience the Care

Transitioning to Value-Based-Care (VBC) is easier and faster with Cipher Skin. Leading providers to shift their approach is more fruitful when they are equipped with the right tools that set them up for success.

Cipher Skin is the perfect fit for Value-Based-Care in physical rehabilitation. Not only does the platform deliver superior data collection capabilities to boost payer-provider collaboration and transparency with comprehensive data reporting, but it also facilitates connected care practices and promotes higher patient engagement.

Partner with Cipher Skin.