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Running a successful clinic has become easier than ever with Cipher Skin. With higher patient retention and a noticeable increase in the approved billing generated from existing CPT codes and new RTM codes, clinics using Cipher Skin are driving more earnings per patient.

Get More Claims Approved on Existing CPT Codes

Cipher Skin’s testing, automatic reporting, and time-saving functions are designed to increase revenue.
Providers who use Cipher Skin are billing for difficult codes, getting higher claim-approval rates, and most importantly, are ethically billing higher numbers of codes in less time. Here’s how:

CPT Code Description Using Cipher Skin
97750 Physical Performance Test or Measurement Cipher Skin’s automated reporting and graphs provide the detailed reports required for billing under this code. The outcome is less contested claims and faster approvals.
90901 Biofeedback Services & Procedures Cipher Skin explicitly delivers biofeedback. The real-time 3D visualization of the patient’s movement, combined with the automatic session recording and reporting, provides all the support needed to file a biofeedback claim.
97112 Neuromuscular Re-Education Since biofeedback is not covered by all insurers, clinicians have successfully used Cipher Skin to conduct the same therapeutic modality and bill it under the neuromuscular re-education code.

Evaluation Codes

Therapeutic Exercise
The digital ROM evaluations and pre-built library of exercises from Cipher Skin are designed to compress time and support efficient billing for these two codes.

Materialize a New Stream of Revenue with RTM

Cipher Skin is designed to enable Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) and allow providers, who may not be able to bill for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) codes, to bill for remote services outside of traditional telehealth and generate up to $1,740 in annual per-patient revenue.

Cipher Skin’s BioSleeves function as a remote monitoring tool that records HEP and tracks patient progress between visits, while the Recovery App delivers detailed data insights and reports to help providers care for their patients remotely.

Applicable Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Codes (CPT RTM Codes):

RTM Code Description Frequency Reimbursement*
98975 Initial set-up & patient education Once per episode $20
98977 RTM device & data transmission Once every 30 days $55
98980 First 20 minutes of RTM treatment in a month Once per calendar month $50
98981 Each additional 20 minutes of RTM treatment in a month Multiple times per calendar month $40

*Approximate. Reimbursement varies by region

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