Outcome Driven Care.
Highly Engaged Patients.

With Cipher Skin’s Motion and Biometrics Tracking Technology.

The First MSK Monitoring Platform to Enable Flexible, Hybrid Recovery

Therapy doesn’t stop at the walls of the clinic. Cipher Skin is transforming Physical Rehabilitation by connecting in-clinic therapy with at-home care through continuous patient progress monitoring, so practitioners can track exact outcomes and deliver better care.

Connected Care at the Reach of Every Provider


Our technology tracks motion and biometric data and translates it into instant, actionable insights so you can evaluate the patient’s condition, build their treatment plan, and monitor their progress over time.


Cipher Skin’s timely insights and continuous feed of patient data, during and in-between sessions, allow you to adjust and optimize treatment plans, delivering effective, efficient, and patient-centered care.


See more patients cross the finish line as they become invested in their own recovery thanks to Cipher Skin’s intuitive app with interactive exercises, live visualization, and easy-to-read progress dashboards.

Powerful Technology Meets Patient-Centered Care

We believe in the power of the therapist-patient relationship and how it impacts treatment outcomes. Our digital therapy solution doesn’t exclude therapists but empowers them with a flexible set of tools to deploy in clinical sessions, remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM), and virtual therapy. Cipher Skin Providers can see:


Increase in Patient Engagement


Patient Adherence to HEP Programs


Treatment Completion Rate

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