Decoding the World in Motion With Next-Gen Sensor Technology

At Cipher Skin, we have revolutionized the way movement data is collected and analyzed by building a new sensor technology that can be wrapped around any body —a person, a pipe, a bridge. This technology captures motion and internal metrics, translating both into actionable insights and diagnostics.

Patented Technology, Flawless Data

The way most technologies collect data is flawed — they capture isolated snapshots that lead to inaccurate insights, making it impossible to conduct complex analyses. Our patented technology wraps around human and material bodies and collects gapless data to build a comprehensive picture of the body’s behavior that delivers accurate insights. At scale, these insights lead to predictions and learnings that transform how we approach countless problems – from human wellness to industrial performance and much more.

How it works

Cipher Mesh

A network of sensors printed on unique lattice construction that can cover the entire surface of any body to measure various concurrent data points.

Robust Data

By collecting meaningful data across the body over time, Cipher Skin captures the interplay between motion and other metrics and uncovers the interaction between the body’s systems, rather than just delivering isolated metrics.

3D Visualization

Cipher Skin’s robust data is consolidated and delivered in the form of visualized reports and live 3D animation.

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