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Accurately Measure, Monitor, and Track Patient Recovery for In-Clinic and Remote Sessions.

Why You Need Cipher Skin

Increase Your Revenue

Treat More Patients Remotely

Rely on the Most Accurate Data

Save Time with Automated Reporting

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Cipher Skin in Action

With Cipher Skin’s patented technology, physical therapists can access the most accurate patient recovery data, whether they work together in person or remotely.

It’s a hardware + software solution:
Our BioSleeve monitors movement and captures the data, and the software translates these data sets into measurable and trackable statistics in real time

See how our technology gathers and communicates accurate patient data in this recorded demo.
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The Cipher Skin


At the heart of our technology is the Cipher Skin BioSleeve, which comfortably fits around the arm or leg.

The ultra-lightweight sleeve contains a network of inter-connected sensors that precisely collect and communicate data. It may be assigned to one patient or worn by a number of patients in a clinic.

It’s water and sweat-resistant, easy to sanitize, and simple to charge. The BioSleeve is an FDA-registered device so it’s safe for all patients to use.

The Cipher Skin

Digital Mirror™

Your integrated telehealth platform

The data collected by the BioSleeve is displayed by the Cipher Skin Digital Mirror, which shows a striking 3D visualization of the patient’s body as it moves in real time.

With this software, the physical therapist can simultaneously view, track, and measure both movement (flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, and rotation) and key biometrics (heart rate, O saturation, and body temperature).

The Digital Mirror contains a library of physical tests to further inform therapists of their patients’ recovery. Patient data and video recordings can be downloaded between sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Digital Mirror has a built-in video conference platform. There is no need for additional conferencing software. 

We currently have two models available — one for arms and the other for legs.  
The arm BioSleevemonitors complex motion from the shoulder to the wrist. The leg BioSleeve fits on the knee and monitors complex motion from the hip to the ankle. 

The BioSleeve is very lightweight and easy to slide on and take off. There is also a clamshell model for users with limited mobility. 

We have two sizes (S/M and L/XL) that accommodate a wide variety of body sizes. 

The BioSleeve connects via Bluetooth (compatible with Bluetooth Lower Energy [BLE] 4 and 5). 

The Digital Mirror is currently available for the iPad. It requires the operating system iOS 10.2 and newer, and iPad Air 2 and newer. 

 PC and Mac-compatible webbrowser version will be available soon. Walso plan to develop a Digital Mirror that will work with all tablets, Androids, and iPhones. 

There is no limit to the number of users you can track on your Cipher Skin account.    

Yes. The BioSleeve can be used by different patients. The BioSleeve is easy to clean and can be sanitized between patients. You can also assign one or more BioSleeves to a single patient if they are using it at home. 

No. The BioSleevecan locally collect data whether it is connected to the software or in offline mode. This allows users to perform exercises when and where it’s most convenient. If they’re not connected to the Digital Mirror, they can upload their data the next time they connect to the Digital Mirror via Bluetooth.  

The current model has a battery life of four hours. The BioSleeveis charged using any off-the-shelf Qi wireless charging pad.

The BioSleeve can be handwashed using a mild detergent or anti-microbial soap. It should be left to air-dry. Do not place in a dryer. 

Cipher Skin provides onboarding and ongoing support for all users. In addition, we strive to continually improve our products, so our team regularly reaches out to customers to listen to their feedback.