A Patient-Centric Recovery Monitoring Solution

See How Cipher Skin is Modernizing Clinics

We are a digital transformation tool that delivers end-to-end visibility to the recovery journey while enabling higher patient stickiness and better outcomes.

Better Care

Our visualization and progress monitoring tools are designed to increase patient stickiness. Patients using Cipher Skin show higher engagement and better adherence to therapy programs. The outcome is: faster and better recovery.

Smarter Recovery

With a one platform solution that enables faster in-clinic sessions, HEP monitoring, and data-driven remote therapy, practitioners get to track exact outcomes and monitor patient progress over time.

Reduced Admin Work

Our automatic reporting and session recording capabilities reduce note-taking time. With customized graphs and charts, practitioners have less manual paperwork and more time for their patients.

Maximized Revenue

With higher patient retention and noticeable increase in the approved billing generated from existing CPT codes and new RTM and RPM codes, Clinics using Cipher Skin are driving more revenue per patient.

A Software + Hardware Solution

The BioSleeve®

A smart arm or knee sleeve with a network of interconnected sensors that capture motion and biometrics in real-time.

Available datapoints:

  • ROM: Flexion, Extension, Adduction, Abduction, Rotation
  • Biometrics: Heart Rate, O2 Saturation, Skin Temperature

The Recovery App®

A software that enables end-to-end visibility to the recovery journey through digital patient assessments, automatic progress charts, HEP monitoring, and remote therapy.

Why Get Cipher Skin?

Engaging visits with interactive 3D visualizations
Improved patient stickiness and higher therapy adherence
Virtual visits and at-home patient monitoring capabilities

Reduced admin workload with automatic workflows

Fast ROM tests with highly accurate data

Higher revenue and ability to bill under multiple CPT codes

What Users Say About Cipher Skin


My patients love the look and feel of a 21st century physical therapy clinic. Cipher Skin offers a full-stack tech solution that every physical therapist should get their hands on.

– Martin C. DPT
jamie d-01

Cipher Skin sleeves have so much to offer! I can get an accurate baseline of ROM and can compare that against post-injury ROM, utilize the sleeves to correct deficiencies in movement/biomechanics and have a visual to explain to both patients and coaches.

– Jamie D. DAT, MBA, ATC


As soon as you put it on, it easily connects via BlueTooth, then you see a 3D avatar that mimics your movements and measures your range of motion. The sleeve is very comfortable and easy to use.

– Brandon S. BioSleeve User

Frequently Asked Questions

Cipher Skin’s technology improves the recovery journey for practitioners and patients. The Cipher Skin App engages patients by offering interactive 3D visualizations and clear progress charts. Gamifying ROM assessments and exercises leads to higher stickiness rates amongst patients and drives faster recovery outcomes.

For practitioners, Cipher Skin enables building data-driven recovery programs that are safer and more efficient. By monitoring patient progress over time and having access to accurate ROM data from every session and exercise, practitioners are equipped to make better decisions for their patients.

Sessions conducted with Cipher Skin are more reliable, consistent, and efficient. The smart Biosleeves deliver highly accurate data points covering full ROM as well as heart rate, O2 saturation, and skin temperature. The Biosleeves are also designed to drive higher consistency in data collection, so the results are always reliable no matter who is conducting the test.

Still, the biggest value that Cipher Skin brings to a clinic comes from increasing efficiencies and reducing admin work. Clinicians using Cipher Skin do not need to document ROM metrics during the session, nor do they have to put on extra hours to build the reports requested by insurance companies; Cipher Skin has made all this data collection and reporting automatic.

Patients use Cipher Skin throughout the session to complete their tests and exercises. The Cipher Skin App offers a large library of ROM assessments and exercises to support most recovery programs. With engaging 3D visualizations mirroring movement in real-time, patients use Cipher Skin as their interactive guide during the whole session.

Yes, the BioSleeve can be used by different patients; it is easy to clean and can be sanitized between visits. Clinics can also assign the Biosleeve to a single patient for HEP monitoring.

No, the BioSleeve will collect data whether it is connected to the app or not. If patients are not connected to the Cipher Skin App when conducting their exercises or tests, they can upload their data later when they can connect to the app via Bluetooth.

Not only is Cipher Skin great from a therapy standpoint, but it’s also billable under many CPT codes including the new RTM codes releases in 2022.

Read more about how Cipher Skin is helping clinics unlock their full potential on our blog!

Yes, the Biosleeves measure full limb ROM, excluding the scapula, and cover internal and external shoulder rotation.

At this time, the Biosleeves do not account for trunk compensations on their own; however, Cipher Skin is releasing a Biocore sensor that measures trunk compensations amongst other capabilities.

Yes! The compression Biosleeve comes in three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large). We also offer a clamshell Biosleeve that is adjustable with Velcro straps. The clamshell Biosleeve is our preferred model to use in a clinical setting as it serves patients with different sizes.

It’s important to mention that the Biosleeves are comfortable and allow easy and free movement so patients can wear them throughout the whole visit.

Yes! The Recovery App offers secure video conferencing for remote visits.