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The BioSleeve allows physical therapists to streamline and reduce admin costs, building the most efficient rehab programs based on a person’s unique data while getting more patient interaction time.



The barriers to physical therapy are high for patients who need it most.

Cipher Skin creates new opportunities to provide treatment and healing through awareness, accessibility and affordability.

How it Works

Cipher Skin mesh fully encompasses the arm or leg, creating a sensor-circuit that measures detailed 3D motion, while simultaneously tracking vital metrics. This data is displayed in real time on the Digital Mirror and is stored in the cloud.

  • Authentic Data
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • Injury Prediction
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Authentic Data

Cipher Skin’s mesh creates a sensor network that seamlessly and wirelessly integrates into garments. Multiple simultaneous measurements capture gapless data pinned to a single moment, unlike wrist-top devices or heart rate straps, which collect only isolated data. Simply put, Cipher Skin captures a complete picture of the body’s behavior.

Real-Time Analysis

The sensor mesh collects trillions of data points and wirelessly sends them to the Digital Mirror software application that models the body’s position and movement in three dimensions. By combining highly accurate motion metrics and standard vital signals, the Digital Mirror gives a reflection of your body’s function and performance in real time.

Injury Prediction

Cipher Skin uncovers the ever-shifting interactions of the body’s vital systems, rather than just isolated numbers without context. This allows us to provide deep data analysis that leads to injury prediction and prevention.

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