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The Cipher Skin Team

A growing team of scientists, engineers, technologists, and curious humans.

Phillip Bogdanovich

Founder and CEO
James Heathers, CMO

James Heathers

Chief Scientific Officer
Yasmin | VP Marketing. | Cipher Skin

Yasmin Mounajed

VP of Marketing

Guido Gioberto

VP of Engineering
Natalie Dunn, Cipher Skin

Natalie Dunn

Chief of Staff, Operations

Don Kaplan

VP of Business Development

Bill Barna

Director of Sales

Chris Hall

General Counsel

Tim Gouin

Mechanical Engineer

Rachel Hoeffner

Business Operations Manager

Josh Altabet

Electrical Engineer
Ben Cooper, Cipher Skin

Ben Cooper

Data Engineer

Simon Grannetia

Data Scientist
Jacob Carlson, Cipher Skin

Jacob Carlson

Software Engineer
Erik Heinz, Cipher Skin

Erik Heinz

CX and Operations Manager

Andy Peterson

Digital Marketing Manager

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