Onboarding and Setup

BioSleeve and Digital Mirror Quick Start


How to Get Started with the BioSleeve

1. Download the Digital Mirror App on your iPad by clicking on the following link provided by Cipher Skin

2. To complete the download, follow the instructions given on the TestFlight page.

How to put on the BioSleeve

  1. Find the seam on your BioSleeve
  2. Rotate your BioSleeve so that the seam is facing up
  3. Find the larger opening of the BioSleeve
  4. Insert your arm into the larger opening of the BioSleeve so that the seam will run along the middle of the inside of the arm, along the wrist, the inner portion of the elbow, and the bicep.
  5. Pull the BioSleeve until the tip of your elbow is aligned with the center of the elbow cup on the inside of the BioSleeve


How to connect the Digital Mirror to the BioSleeve

  1. Log in / Sign up
  2. From “Mirror View”, select “Connect” from the menu bar on the right
  3. Select “Scan” from the “Connect” Menu
    1. If this is your first time connecting, an iOS notification will ask permission to use Bluetooth. Select “OK”
  4. Look at the wrist of your BioSleeve to find a white label with a 7-character, alphanumeric serial number
  5. On the app, select the serial number on the “Connect” Menu that corresponds to your unique BioSleeve serial number. A checkmark should appear next to the selected serial number
  6. Select the “Connect” button that pops up to the right
  7. Your BioSleeve serial code turns green
  8. Wait one second for the status to no longer display “Loading…”

How to assign the BioSleeve to an arm or knee

  1. Successfully connect to your Biosleeve
  2. Select the limb you would like to connect to, for example, “Right Elbow”
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions, copying the motions of the avatar.
    1. First, stand or sit up straight
    2. Then, you will be instructed to lay your arm at your side. Be sure your palm is facing your thigh and your fingers are pointing directly to the ground.
    3. The second instruction will include keeping your arm straight and moving it directly in front of you. P{oint directly in front of you with your hand turned sideways so your palm is facing either left for your right hand or right for your left hand.
  4. Your BioSleeve should now be connected successfully
  5. Select “Done” to complete the assignment process
  6. If the avatar does not mirror your motion, select your limb again and repeat steps 3-1 through 3-3

How to set up a User Profile

  1. Select “User” from the top left to open the User Settings Menu
  2. First add a roster
  3. Enter your intended roster name. Select “Save”
  4. Then add a user. Select “Add” next to “User”
  5. Enter your intended user name. Select “Save”
  6. Select “Done” on the User Settings Menu

How to record sessions and save data in the Digital Mirror

  1. Connect to your Biosleeve
  2. Assign your Biosleeve to an elbow or knee
  3. Select “Done” in the lower right to view Live View
  4. Select a User Profile
  5. Select “Record” (white circle) at the bottom right of the screen
  6. Record icon should turn red, indicating recording
  7. Go through motion to record
  8. Select “Record” again to stop recording
  9. View any recorded session by selecting “Mode Record” (white camera) at the top left of the screen, and then “Replay” Mode
  10. Choose your session from the dropdown box and select “Load”