Recovery Reimagined

We are a digital transformation tool designed to help physical therapists and orthopedists manage patient recovery more accurately and efficiently.

Why Partner with Us

Better Care

We digitize ROM tests and enable smarter workflows that integrate with EMR, leading to better and faster recovery outcomes.

Great Support

Our dedicated team is equipped to provide continuous support from sales enablement to clinic onboarding and more.

More Revenue

We build long lasting partnerships and offer generous commissions and revenue sharing structures to our sales and distribution partners.

A Patient-Centric Recovery Monitoring Solution

The BioSleeve®

A smart arm or knee sleeve with a network of sensors that measure motion, heart rate, O2 saturation, and skin temperature.

The Digital Mirror®

A software that translates data sets into real-time visualization and digitizes patient assessments to improve engagement.

See how Cipher Skin is transforming physical therapy practices

Our next-generation patient recovery solution provides faster assessments, better care, and an improved experience.

Why Recovery Clinics Love Having Cipher Skin?

Digital ROM assessments that take a fraction of the time compared to other products

Increased data accuracy and guaranteed consistency even when providers change

Reduced administrative time through automatic reporting and EMR Integration

Virtual visits and at-home patient monitoring capabilities

Improved patient stickiness and program compliance

Covered by multiple insurance codes

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