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The Digital Mirror earns its name as it presents an absolute reflection of the human body’s movements in real time. Review range of motion, current biometrics and much more to work towards optimal recovery and performance.

The Digital Mirror translates real-time data and metrics from our Cipher Mesh technology into measurable and trackable statistics through a comprehensive interface. ​

Key Measurements

  • Range of motion: flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, rotation
  • Joint angular velocity
  • Heart rate
  • Dynamic O₂ saturation
  • Force production
  • Muscle expansion
  • Body temperature

Digital Mirror Benefits

  • Highly precise, objective data sets
  • Real-time 3D motion tracking
  • Detailed progress monitoring
  • Automated physical tests
  • Remote physical therapy and training sessions
  • Injury prevention
  • Meaningful interaction between practitioners and patients

Digital Mirror Features

  • Comprehensive interface collecting a wide range of data points
  • Seamless integration with Cipher Mesh technology
  • Multiple sensors capturing 9 degrees-of-freedom movement
  • Data automatically uploaded from Mesh to Mirror upon return to wifi signal

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