Denver startup that makes digital “skin” gains interest — and money — from California-based fuel company

Cipher Skin featured in the Denver Post – January 22, 2020

A Denver startup whose technology transmits real-time data about the human body and other physical objects has garnered the attention — and money — of a California-based fuel supplier and retailer said in a statement that, Boyett Petroleum based in Modesto, Calif., recently invested $1 million in its technology that is designed to monitor the flows in pipelines and detect leaks. Company officials said a Cipher Skin sleeve wrapped around a pipe can remotely and continuously monitor what’s happening to the pipe. “It can show if there are leaks, ruptures, vibrations, dislocations, and monitor the flow of fluids. A flexible mesh lattice enables sensors to cover the pipe’s surface and convey the data wirelessly to an application that gives a real-time 3D representation, the company said.”

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