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How tech affects performance training - Cipher Skin

How Technology Affects Performance Training

How Technology Affects Performance Training Athletic training is heavily dependent on skill development. Whether you’re a tennis player, a boxer or a triathlete, the movements …

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Finishing physical therapy - Cipher Skin's BioSleeve

Finishing Physical Therapy – Why Do So Many People Struggle To Complete Their Physical Therapy Programs at Home?

One of the most important factors in the outcomes of medical patients is adherence to their prescribed therapies – whether that’s taking medications or doing …

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How to Stay Active in the Military After Injury

Tactical occupations like the military make physical fitness a job requirement. Being fit and capable isn’t just a nice-to-have thing, it’s a crucial part of …

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Denver Business Journal - Cipher Skin

Denver Startup Cipher Skin is Gaining Traction with Data-Enabled Wearables

A Denver data tech company is looking to take wearable wellness devices into a broad sphere of applications like physical therapy, telehealth and elder care. …

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How it Works - BioSleeve - Cipher Skin

The 6th Vital Sign – Why Movement is a Critical Piece of Health Information

The gold standard of medical care includes vital sign measurement at every visit. Though there is some debate about what constitutes a vital sign, most …

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James Heathers - podcast

Podcast: Cipher Skin – Measuring Biometrics and Movement with Wearable Devices

On this episode of the Well Within Reach podcast, JD Boudreaux speaks with James Heathers, Chief Scientific Officer of Cipher Skin. James has 15 years of experience …

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