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The Cipher Skin Story

Find out how it all began with Phillip and Shaka, our two Co-Founders!

Put a Team of Experts into Everyone's Pocket

After his career in Special Operations, Phillip had sustained everything from blast injuries to a broken pelvis and femur. Each day he woke up in pain and couldn’t train consistently without being set back by an injury. He had lost much of his strength and endurance.

Phillip started training in the gym with Craig, a renowned physical coach whom he met when serving in Baghdad. Within six months, he was back to running sub 5-minute miles and deadlifting triple his bodyweight without pain. This kind of transformation is extremely rare for people who don’t have professional one-on-one coaching.

As soon as Craig and Phillip were separated again, Phillip noticed that his recovery was slowing. With Craig unable to watch him in real time, he was losing progress.

Back to the U.S., Phillip and Craig began thinking about how this process could be scaled to allow anyone to experience the equivalent of a seasoned coach watching them and providing feedback in real time.

Their wish? Put a team of experts into everyone’s pocket.

They met with Shaka Bahadu, a physician and healthcare operations expert, who graduated from Weill Cornell Medical College.

They shared their concern with him – they could not find on the market any technology capable of solving their problem.

So Phil and Shaka decided to build their own, and this was the start of Cipher Skin’s incredible adventure.

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